Sesame… Our New Addition

So, I have taken a long break from blogging. I have been fairly unmotivated to write blog entries lately, but enough excuses. I will try to be better. I have a draft blog written from our Hong Kong trip last June! I will get around to posting that this week 😀!

After talking about it for a year, we finally went to look at dogs at the animal shelter. At first, it was an episode of google translate gone wrong. We went to the shelter, which is a 20 minute scoot away only to discover that they were closed! Apparently the character for closed in Chinese did not translate over when we ran the website through google translate. Then, D. returned during business hours when I was at school and discovered that everything is in Chinese and the level of English proficiency is not very high. Which brings us to Friday, when we decided to go after my last class ,with our local friend who can translate for us.

D. warned me that the shelter is sad. Sad because logically you cannot bring all of the dogs home with you. Taiwan has an interesting and tragic history with their animal shelters, for that sad story click here, but now the island has a no kill policy. I was mentally prepared for sad, but it was not as bad as I imagined it would be, however you do leave wishing you could take them all home.

I wanted a puppy because who doesn’t want that cuteness in your house?!! There were three puppies and Sesame was the last left of her specific litter. She was the most social of the three and came to greet me as I approached the cage. She’s mostly black, but all four paws are brown and I have to admit that I was smitten right away with her.

 Who Doesn’t Want This?!! Cuteness Overload!

We had some questions to ask and fill out forms all which took place in Mandarin, so we were glad that our friend came along. I was under the impression that we would fill out the forms and then come pick her up in a few days as was the case with our friends who got their dog at this shelter. However, as I was signing my name on a document I cannot read, a man brought Sesame into the office in a cardboard box. I must have looked surprised but they explained that she had her first vaccinations yesterday, they will microchip her, and we can take her home.

Sesame is not sure what to think of us


As she stared at me from the box, I began to pet her to calm her down. D was asking questions about the vaccination schedule for her and other general health questions. We only had to pay 300NT to take her home (roughly $9.00) that covered the cost of the microchip that links her to us as her owners. They chipped her right there, which resulted in a loud cry as the needle is large and she is pretty small right now. After the quick poke of the needle she was ready to come home.

Getting ready to go home!

Needless to say I was excited, but we realized that we have nothing in our house ready for a dog. I assumed that there would be a waiting period for us to prepare. We went straight to the pet store. On the way there, D was googling whether getting a crate was a good idea. A few internet minutes later it was decided we should and we literally went on a shopping spree to get all the essentials: puppy food, collar, leash (2), toys (2), dog bowls, sleeping pad, crate, treats, poop bags, etc… The woman at the pet store was very helpful and had pretty good English.

Ready for Accessories!

I cannot begin to tell you how many puppy videos on YouTube I have watched since Friday night😃! We even found ourselves watching an episode of Cesar Milan while Sesame was sleeping. We were not sure what to name her for most of the weekend. We both agreed that Sesame seems to fit. It was a student suggestion.

My class of seniors has been incredibly stressed out with college applications, so I promised them a few minutes each class to not have to think about school in which I have been talking about the search for a dog. One day last week, when they were working on a project I told them they could help us brainstorm names for our future puppy. It was a good list for us to use to come up with names and it was fun for them to not have to momentarily think about school. Sesame was on the list and in Mandarin it is Zhima (sounds kind-of like Gemma). It was a name we could both agree on, but I am sure there will be many nicknames.

The Senior’s list

She sleeps a lot, which is nice, but she does not sleep through the night. She lasts about 3 hours before she has to go outside. I am not complaining though as she is starting to understand outside= bathroom. One of the numerous other cute things that she is learning is that we are her owners. The shelter said that she is used to being around the other dogs, so it is a good idea to put her bed in our bedroom at night so she does not get lonely. When we were getting ready for bed on Saturday night she got into her crate own her own, so I got in bed. When D was done brushing his teeth she had escaped, but was found sleeping on our dirty clothes pile. When D put her in her crate she began to whine. I thought maybe she is used to our scent, so we put a sweatshirt from the dirty clothes pile into her crate and that did the trick, she was fast asleep. It was heartwarming to know that she just wanted the comfort of us in order to fall asleep.

I am sure that there will be many Sesame stories to tell in the future, but to summarize… WE GOT A PUPPY! Here is some puppy pictures to make you smile😀😍.

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