Traffic of Ho Chi Mihn

We are now in Vietnam. The flight from Singapore was uneventful. We successfully were granted visas to enter the country and our hotel graciously picked us up from the airport. Had late night pho at a 24 hour pho place and beer. Price tag; $7.00… that is for both of us! Got a sim card, so I can use my phone here (the beauty of an unlocked phone) that was $8.00 which includes the sim card and 1 month of 3g data usage. The money seems crazy number wise. For example, a bottle of water (large variety) cost 10,000vd this is $0.50. Off to explore the market, war museum, and eat bahn mi, but including a picture of the traffic. The scooters are something unbelievable. I am amazed that I have not seen an accident!


Sayonara for now… D&M

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