Hoi An; Custom Made

Wifi has been spotty and we have been without it for some of our travels… This post was supposed to upload before the monsoon one, but oh well…

One of Hoi An's quintessential streets

Hoi An is a quaint small town teeming with tailors. If you have any interest in clothes or design this is a must visit for you. Hoi An used to be a port town, until the silt in the river no longer allowed for the boat traffic. Now, it is a bit of a tourist hot spot, but it is small enough that you can walk or bike the city without having to take a taxi.

We arrived in the late afternoon to Da Nang Station after our overnight train ride. Our Airbnb host arranged for a car to pick us up at the station. It is a 25-30 minute drive from the train station to the town of Hoi An. We had a late lunch that was the freshest fish to date I have had. D picked it out and the woman took it out of the tank and it came 15 minutes later with chili sauce and vegetables on a plate.

Our Ride to Hoi An
The Food to Table Process

The mother in our Airbnb host family is a tailor by trade and she made us a few items when she showed us her shop. She is very talented. She copied a picture of a dress I had exactly. Such talent in these women here and they work so hard! When she was not making clothes she was serving us breakfast and making sure we were comfortable. I asked her if she ever gets any sleep, after giggling she replied in her broken English, “very little”.

Getting clothes tailored is quite a treat. You get to be involved in every aspect of the design. What color lining, what kind of buttons, not to mention it is made to fit you. D was excited at this prospect, as the clothes in the US do not always fit.

Measuring and Material Choosing


There is also historic old buildings. One of the most famous buildings is the Japanese Bridge. It supposedly is one of the oldest structures in Hoi An. It has been restored several times, but they still let people walk across it, so it makes sense. There are other old historic sites that they pride themselves on like pagodas and temples, but the bridge is the one that everyone mentions.

The Japanese Bridge


Sayonara for now… D&M

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