Typhoon Days

typhoon-meratiThanks for all the well wishes, we are fine. The typhoon went South. It hit the southern tip of the island. We did have a windy rainy Tuesday night and yesterday,  but it is pretty calm now. I have added the latest satellite image, since I don’t have any pictures or video to show you and you can see that it is in China now.

The students yesterday were disappointed that we did not have a typhoon day (think snow day). I even had a student use the typhoon as an excuse for not having their homework done, “I thought we weren’t going to have school, so I did not finish it”. According to one travel website, the typhoon season runs from June to October, so there is still an opportunity for school to be cancelled. What is interesting is that the city is in charge of making the cancellations. In Washington, each school district was in charge of making the decision whether or not to have school. Here in Taiwan, each city makes the decision whether schools and businesses will be open or closed. The school administrators watch the news along with everyone else. Watching Taiwanese news is interesting there is a lot of animated talk about the typhoon. Granted I don’t understand any of it, the news is in Mandarin, but there are some great websites that translate the closure data for us. Sidenote: The news likes to show criminals in handcuffs being escorted by police (there is a very low crime rate here 91st out of 93 countries says one source). Maybe there is a blog about this in the future, but for now just a sidenote.

You can see that most places on the island are open, although today is a holiday for most people anyway (Mid-Autumn Festival).

There supposedly is another storm coming towards the island this weekend, which according to the weather means rain☔ and wind. The funny thing about that is after growing up in Washington when you look outside and see grey skies rain and wind I think that I need to wear more layers of clothing. I made that mistake yesterday, long pants, rain coat, and when I get out of our apartment I realize that is 90 degrees! The Taiwanese have umbrellas, but still have on shorts, flip-flops, and t-shirts. It is clear that I still have some adjusting to do 😁

One comment

  1. Too funny about the change in weather but no change in temperature! Keep cool girl! School is sounding great and we’re glad you guys are safe but only wet and muggy!


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