Taiwanese Construction

I have missed my self imposed deadline, but I have been meaning to update the blog. I have a blog post started about surviving our first typhoon, but all we did was stay inside and watch TV, so I was at a loss for words.

In the meantime, the apartment building across the street is under construction. When we moved in at the end of July there were still people living there, but now it is in full on remodel mode… I think.

Construction Safety Fence

The apartment buildings in our neighborhood are mostly owned by the tech companies that dominate this area, but the school has a smattering of apartments in the neighborhood that it rents for its staff. Generally, they all have similar layouts, but depending on who lived in them and made personal updates they are all slightly different (at least the three co-workers apartments that I have seen).

About two weeks ago the construction fence went up around the building across the street. At that point, it finally dawned on me that noone is living in that building (no lights at night). The population is fairly dense in general, so I don’t feel that bad that I did not notice. The apartments around here come lightly furnished, so as the remodel intensified we began to see more and more items appear outside. There is no such thing as dumpsters… at least in our neighborhood. Remember musical garbage man? Due to the lack of dumpsters we have begun to see beds and other items collect outside.

See the matresses? And the bags are full of what people left behind.

Yesterday, 10-10 is some kind of Taiwanese independance day, even though it is technically not independent, so there was no school. Apparently, it was not a day off for the construction workers. I awoke not to the sound of my alarm, but the sound of breaking glass. I am not sure what kind of demolition the building needs, but it now has no windows and is open to the elements and the piles of closet, drawer, and unidentifiable wood pieces. The construction noise went on all day from what I can tell and now I feel like I am the nosey neighbor looking out the windows to see what is going on, very Rear Window style minus the binoculars. Not sure when we will get neighbors across the street, but for now we don’t have to worry about closing the curtains 🙂

If you look closely you will see the lack of windows on the upper floors.

We are scooter shopping this week, so I will have something to blog about again soon.



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