Did I Really Take a 3 Month Blog Break?

The hard evidence against me!

So, yes… I have not blogged in a while… 3 Months and 5 days to be exact. I have no excuses really, but life got busy. I kept telling myself I was going to finish the half-written post about our day in Manila, or start an entry about the occasional school on Saturday, or even our trip to Tokyo, but I didn’t.

I have felt slightly guilty, but at the same time have been busy prepping my two AP classes for their AP exams, which passed last week, and preparing my senior’s finals for next week. Now I am planned to the end of the school year, have every possible assignment in the grade book, and have NO EXCUSES for not updating you on life abroad.

I will back track for a few posts and tell you about Manila, Tokyo, and a few Taiwan adventures… My apologies (Mom💗😀), but I am back to the blog and ready to document our further travels. Even the upcoming one to the US 😉😁.

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