Chasing Waterfalls…

One of the many posts I have been meaning to write… Back in March, we went to Wulai with some friends. Ironically, we were going because D.’s mom was visiting and we wanted her to see part of the natural beauty of Taiwan, but we had never been there and to add to the irony she got a cold and did not have the energy to go. I felt guilty that she did not get to go, but maybe next year!

It is not too far from Taoyuan (where the airport is) in the mountains. About an hour on a winding road through bamboo forests and we cleared the fog into a sleepy mountain village. There can literally be an appearance of fog that at first glance you may think is pollution, but when outside you realize that it is mist from the air. It is a nice little hike, relatively easy, but some sections of steep stairs and a paved steep hilly road as well. It was not comforting that at the beginning of the hike there was a snake warning sign. I mean I know that there are snakes here, many deadly varieties, but thankfully in my little neighborhood/city bubble I have not seen or come into contact with them.IMG_20170318_154601

The tourist attraction at the falls is the glass bottom overhang that juts out over the falls. It is not for those with a fear of heights, but it was beautiful. You definitely did not want someone to jump up and down while you were at the end of the overhang, but you keep telling yourself it is safe, or they would not let all these people out here… right?

There was a smaller waterfall that you can walk to from the big falls called Dragon Phoenix falls, I think. The trail going down to the base of the falls was under construction, so we will have to go back to see it again sometime.

After appreciating nature we descended down into a town at the base of the “Mountain” (being from the PNW, I still find it difficult to honestly call these Mountains). There was an old street with old brick facade and many different shops and food stalls. It was fun to wander around and look at the shops and an old Taoist temple. There was one particular food stall that made some kind of peanut powder candy. There was a giant line and from experience traveling to different places if there is a big line for something chances are it is good and you should try it. It was tasty and worth the time standing in line to buy it. I took a lot of pictures, but my smartphone created a video with all the pictures of the day. I do not usually like these google created interpretations of the day, but I have to admit that I kind-of like this one.

Many more throwback blogs to write… especially about Tokyo… stay tuned!

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