I Won the Lottery!!

I know what you are thinking, when did I start playing the lottery?! But, before you start your well crafted thought out email with your concerns let me assure you EVERYONE plays the lottery. I know, I know, I hear the peer pressure lecture now running through your mind, “If everyone were to jump off a cliff”… but hear me out.

This is yet another unique aspect to life in Taiwan. The short explanation is that it is a way for the government to regulate and make sure that businesses are reporting and paying taxes to the government. Every receipt has randomly generated numbers on it. By promoting a receipt lottery for all citizens and residents it encourages people to ask for a receipt, which is reported profit to the government. For a more in depth discussion of my summary you can read more about it here.

What the winning numbers were for March and April 2017

When I first heard about this I found it strange, but now every two months I clean out the designated receipt drawer to see if we have won anything. I mean winning money for buying groceries? How cool is that. We won $200NT… but before you get congratulatory keep in mind it is about $6.00USD.

The Winning Receipt was from the Grocery Store (on the left)

After a winning receipt is discovered you have three months to claim your prize at any post office, which is also the National Bank… for the big money winnings there is a different place to go, but I did not win that, so I guess I will pay attention to that if it ever happens. I went to the post office handed them the receipt with my name and ID number written on the back and they hand you cash… just like that. Pretty cool right? Who knew I was going to be a regular lottery player😆!


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