Travel Buying & Research

Travel Research
This kitchen table collection is only part of the travel collection mayhem.

To travel on an adventure there is so much research, planning, and buying. I typically want to save room in my bags to bring items home, but it is ironic that there is always so much purchasing that goes on before we get to the airport. I will confess little travel size items are a personal weakness, dare I say “cute”. For this trip we have graduated to another level in consumerism. I did enjoy the week of presents delivered to our door, but here is a quick summary of what we “needed”. In planning a trip involving so many countries (5… we hope) we figured that luggage on wheels is not the most efficient, so new bags were

the first purchase. D, the researcher came across three recommended bags: Tom Bihn, Tortuga, or Rick Steves’.

New Luggage
New Luggage

Then, everyone has a take on packing for a 3+ week adventure, that is where we came across packing cubes. I saw a YouTube video that convinced me that I needed them. Supposedly, they save space. We will see about that. Written variations of possible itineraries and several different YouTube videos watching others travel to these countries and what they did (no link here there are so many to watch you can find one you like).  Soon enough hopefully I will be writing to you from another time zone, but I still am experimenting with the blog, so here is another “test” post. I figured that I would make it travel related.

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  1. D&M: I’m definitely a fan of packing cubes too! While their space-saving value is arguable, there is absolutely no debate about their worth for keeping things organized and contained. More than the cubes, I’m a fan of you two DINK’s! We shall all enjoy your adventure too… vicariously.


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