So we are going to SE Asia…

Yes, I have started a blog. I love the simplicity of Instagram because as a visual learner I like the pictures. However, when traveling the pictures usually have a great story behind them. I am attempting to capture them here. I named the blog, “Ikimashou Adventures” because in Japanese ikimashou simply means, let’s go. I like that phrase because when traveling you will never have interesting experiences and stories unless you are willing to go.


We leave in less than 2 weeks to see what SE Asia is all about. It is my hope that I can try to update you on all of the interesting things that happen in our month (little less) abroad. No promises, but hopefully this blog will be somewhat entertaining. As you can see, I’ve written a few posts just to practice blogging to no one in particular.

Sayonara for now… D&M


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