Flying Somewhere Across the Pacific Ocean

It has been awhile since either of us have been on an international flight of this magnitude. D estimates that it has been more than half his life since he was on this kind of plane journey. 11 hours in a confined place with roughly 450+ people, not exactly an everyday occurrence. As claustrophobic as that may seem, this Korean Airlines plane is one of the largest I have been on Boeing 777.

It is interesting, in today standards, how we can forget what it is like to eat plane food (included with ticket purchase). We are 2 hours into our 10 hour plane ride and we have already been served snacks, a meal, & wine. It seems so luxurious even the silverware was real. It is amazing how something that used to be normal becomes something so extravagant. Well, normal for people who flew places. My family was one of epic road trips, which I’ll revisit again at some point. I was not on a plane until I was 18, but I never felt like I was missing out on anything. We still went places just by car… but I am loosing focus.

For dinner… or lunch… or a Young dinner… I am not sure which, there were two options: Korean- bibimbap or Western- chicken. There is no decision here in my mind. When in Asia or en-route to Asia why not eat Asian? I feel a tangent coming on (well I have all kinds of time) it pays to try something different. How do you know you don`t like it if you have never tried it? Expand your horizons or in this case your taste buds.

It feels like a flashback in the sense that the flight attendants (all Korean I might add) have these uniforms reminiscent of the old 1950`s Pan-American stewardess. I like the throwback, there is a scarf and an interesting abstract ribbon in their hair above a tightly wound bun. I find it interesting and cute all at the same time. Leave it to the history teacher to think about the 1950`s.

Speaking of time at some point in this journey we lose Wednesday. Keep in mind we left Tuesday around 2pm. After a couple layovers we will be in Singapore, our first country, at 5:45am Thursday. So, hopefully you are reading this on Wednesday. Enjoy it for us, since ours mysteriously disappeared somewhere over the Pacific.

So far, we have been enjoying our flight, but there are several hours left in our trip. I will rewrite and edit this if anything exciting happens. Also, I need to try to take a picture of the flight attendants, seriously, they are adorable. The adventure continues :).

Sayonara for now… D&M

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  1. Dan and Mackenzie,

    It’s midnight here and let me tell you Dan and Mackenzie, since you missed your Wednesday, I capatized. It was exhausting, but an action packed day. It started with biking to the hall, morning service, visiting Br. Steel, afternoon service, meeting with a few elders pertaining to spiritual matters, a shepherding call, dinner with the Konkler’s, walking to your house from home to feed the fish, walking back to my house, walking back to the hall to retrieve my bicycle and then riding back home. Ok, I’m tired and it’s almost 1am. Would you please land already lol. Good night or should I say good morning!


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