A Night in Transit



We have been home now for a few days and seem adjusted back to the correct time zone. It is amazing how long that takes. Our last night in SE Asia we decided to wander around Singapore. Our flight from Thailand arrived around 6:30PM and our flight home did not begin until 6:45AM. Immigration wrote on our paper work in transit, hence the name of this post.

We wanted to go to the night safari, but after getting through all the immigration and luggage hoops the tourist advice desk told us we would not have enough time. As far as I was concerned time was all we had. We needed to burn 10 hours because what was the point in getting a hotel, when we would not have much time to spend there anyway. D had read that the Botanical Gardens are the only gardens of their kind open until midnight. It was only 9, so we jumped in a cab and off we went.


Gardens in the dark, I know what you are thinking, what could you see in the dark? More than you think. There were sections of the gardens especially some of the orchids that were illuminated. Many of the paths were illuminated and we had a nice walk through the gardens getting lost and walking in circles, but we really had no time table so it did not really matter. It was a peaceful garden in the city. I am sure it is impressively beautiful during the daytime if it is pretty at night.



Afterwards, still somewhat lost we made our way on foot to Orchard Street. Orchard Street is one of the major shopping districts of the city-state it also seemed to be somewhat of a red light district. I find it ironic that in a place with so many rules and fines, like the $500 fine for failure to flush the toilet, that prostitution is legal. Hypocrisy at its finest. There was nothing overly sexual about the district itself other than the fact that there are lots of women lining the street.

Around 1AM after walking down Orchard Street looking at all of the shops, most of them closed at this point, we stopped in a bar that still seemed quite lively. Tucked into an alley was a hipster looking bar called, Acid bar. I enjoyed my lychee martini and D had a beer while we reflected on the many countries we visited (my reflective post is still in the making…). The bar felt strangely like we could have been sipping on these cocktails in NYC, yet we were in Singapore.


Fast forward to 2:30AM when we took one of the line of taxis waiting outside the bar back to the airport, this cab driver must have been in a hurry because his cab kept reminding him that he was speeding and needed to drive safer!

Checked our bags around 4AM and entered the “transit” area of the airport. Bought a few random last minute items, like the durian cookies I bought for my Safeco peoples to try. Charged my phone while D got an hour or so of sleep before walking to our gate boarding our plane bound for Hong Kong and ending our night in transit by immediately falling asleep on the plane before we even took off.


A night in transit is not for the faint of heart, but memorable if you can deal with the lack of sleep.

Sayonara for now… D&M

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