Oregon Pinot Noir in Willamette Valley

Stoller Vineyard Amazing View... Not So Amazing Pinot

Wine tasting… Don’t get me wrong I like wine, but I did not find a pinot noir that I liked. It may be that the acidity in Oregon soil or that we did not pair any wines appropriately, or I just do not know how to wine taste. All of the above may be applicable to me.

The views of wine country are beautiful, but I cringe at the description of “lingering acidity” or “traditional earthy Oregon Pinot”. I think I need a food wine paring lesson to truly appreciate it. Sounds like a fun food and wine night.

Rolling Hills of Oregon Wine Country

I respect those people who can train their pallets to taste the nuances and subtle differences. All I care about is texture. I like a big bold heavy wine with a velvet finish. Oregon Pinot’s?… not quite there, but hey at least I know what I like. I will say White Rose Vineyards has great wines, but I cannot afford to drink those wines!

Overall, wine tasting is fun, but I ended up buying gin at a Portland distillery instead.

Sayonara for now… D&M

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