Whidbey Island: Beach, Birds, & Booze


We decided to go to Whidbey Island for part of my spring break. One reason being we have lived in Washington our entire lives and never been, which is reason enough and two did I mention it is spring break?

We rented a cute vacation rental at the last minute and since it is so close to Seattle did not get on the ferry until 6:30. It is amazing how close it really is and yet on the island you easily forget that you are less than an hour from the city.

Our little villa was right on the beach and despite some grey skies was still very scenic and peaceful. We had the opportunity to see the beach from the bedroom and kitchen/living room. I was feeling fancy and made paella for dinner with a nice bottle of Whidbey island malbec. Who knew that this island has so much alcohol packed into it.

We also had cable! I am the first to admit the ultimate guilty pleasure is watching cooking or travel shows. I must’ve watched at least 4 or more episodes of Bizarre Foods while we were there! But, I am going off on a tangent…

Why go to Whidbey island? Simple, three words: Beach, Birds, & Booze.


There is something calming about the ocean no matter where you are. Smelling the salty breeze, hearing the tides go in and out, sand in between your toes, or in your shoes, car… well everywhere. Waking up in the mornings hearing nothing but the ocean is the most relaxing sound in the world. One of the simple pleasures of life. There are also lots of beaches to access within short distances. We went to Double Bluff, Penn Cove (yes, like the mussels), and Ebey’s landing just to name a few. If you don’t like the beach I am not sure that we have much in common. There is beauty and power in nature that is unlike anything else out there. Just Go!


We were surrounded by eagles and from the brief research I did turkey vultures. They were everywhere including outside the living room at the villa.


Wine tasting and the Whidbey Island Distillery are highly recommended. If we were not moving I literally would have bought a bottle of everything at the distillery. Their fruit liquors have to be the best in the business. It is off the beaten path in Langley (not downtown), but worth the side excursion. The people there are so friendly and informative… and better yet you can taste everything.

So, if you are interested in a short ferry ride and need some relaxation go to Whidbey Island!

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