San Diego Graduate


We are in San Diego for my sister’s graduation… well technically her graduation was two weeks  ago, but we all decided to come and celebrate for memorial day weekend. As crazy and hectic as it is to take two days off before a holiday weekend, San Diego is worth it.


There is something about beach overcast that is superior to our Seattle grey overcast. Maybe it is just the proximity to the ocean that makes it feel so different. Or the sandy beaches. Or when the sun comes out and hits the branches of the palm trees. Or the mere existence of palm trees… I am sure that’s it.

The best part of this vacation? Since the graduation ceremony is over, we can just enjoy San Diego. There is of course always the plan: lobster tacos, oyster happy hour, mimosas, bloody mary’s, beach… but the itinerary is flexible. Most importantly it consists of family.


We took the early flight, so we arrived around 9AM. Just in time for brunch at the emphasis Hash House A Go Go. This place is no joke. Each breakfast is enough for two people. The plates are literally cast iron skillets. Try it if you come to San Diego. It is also conveniently close to Balboa park to walk off those extra calories. Balboa park is where the San Diego zoo is located, but what does this park not have? Gardens, Museums, Trails; it is the best kind of park.


My sister lives near Pacific Beach. It is quite the neighborhood for nightlife. There are bars galore where food and drink rule. The Tavern has homemade pretzel sticks that are really delicious. It also has 50+ TVs, no joke, so if Dad wants to watch Husky Women’s Golf, no problem there is a TV for that.


And Oyster happy hour is a thing, just when you think that Elliot’s Oyster House in Seattle is a good deal, you are wrong. The Fish Shop on Thursdays has fresh $1.00 oysters till they are gone and no corkage fee if you feel like bringing your own wine. Throw in some spur of the moment karaoke and folks we have ourselves the beginning to an official Vacation.


Love this town and my family. Sorry to leave it, but let’s do it again sometime San Diego.

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