Disneyland: Fun for Adults and Kids Alike


Instead of going to a graduation ceremony, Kera wanted to go to Disneyland instead. Are you kidding me? Big resounding “YES!!”. We have not been to Disneyland as a family since I was maybe eleven or twelve. This trip was not only nostalgic, but proof that Disneyland is more than just a theme park for kids.

The only downside to this Disney adventure was getting up at 5AM to make the weekday commute from San Diego. We decided if we went on a weekday that we would miss the Memorial Day weekend rush. It was definitely not as busy, but not any less expensive. True, Disneyland is expensive, but the fun and nostalgia of being there overshadows the negative aspects.

When you only allot one day to Disneyland be prepared to keep on the move. According to Dad’s phone pedometer we were just short of walking a half marathon for the day. No, we are not crazy enough to map out our route and approach to the park, but we definitely tried to do what makes sense.

Once traversing the massive parking structure, riding the shuttle to the entrance, and taking the obligatory mouse flower photo we stopped at the restrooms on Main Street. Kera pointed out that you know you are an adult when your first stop is the bathroom instead of any sort of ride. As we all paused briefly we laughed at the correctness and irony of that statement.


For those of you that don’t know our household grew up watching Star Wars, not in the obsessive kind of way, but needless to say it has been a family affair to see all of the new ones together no matter how great or terrible. So, given the acquisition of the Star Wars franchise by Disney we were curious to see the revamped Star Wars focus (until Star Wars land opens of course). Star Tours the first ride we came across we got on. Updated and fun. The old Space Mountain rollercoaster is now Hyperspace Mountain (A crazy fun improvement). Though the future of tomorrow land seems uncertain given the fact that our technology has surpassed what it used to be and the predicted exodus of Star Wars to Star Wars land, we found ourselves thoroughly  enjoying it. We even met Kylo Ren, who must be a giant! Also, I know he is fiction, but still super intimidating!


I don’t remember the exact order of events after that we set about conquering Disneyland. The last time we were in Disneyland as a family there were a lot of differences. Dad had never been on Indiana Jones or seen Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. We rode It’s a Small World because it was my Great Grandmother’s favorite ride. Come to find out it too has been updated to contain most if not all of the cartoon character’s from the latest Disney movies. Mom and Dad always avoided the teacups when we were growing up, but little did they know in Toon Town the Roger Rabbit ride is the teacups in disguise.


I am and maybe always will be a realist always looking for the logical and reasonable answer. Disneyland truly makes that necessity small. It makes evey adult feel like a kid again. Why take your picture with these characters that you know are just people in a costume? Why Not?… It’s fun. Mom proclaims that she does not like rides, but at Disneyland she practically sprints as she bobs and weaves through the crowd to make sure that we all get on Splash Mountain, which really lived up to it’s name this time around. Kera and I were soaked after which we paused for a quick “dry off in the sun” break. We also bought Kera mouse ears that she had to wear at least for a few pictures.



It was a full day 13+ hours of Disney and despite having an hour+ drive ahead of us, the exhaustion, and the increasing temperature drop we could not have been more content and satisfied with our Disney adventure. I am looking forward to take on Disneyland in Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Shanghai when D & I continue our adventures in Taiwan… Or exploring the theme park (at least the one I see online) in Taiwan that looks like an Asian version of Disneyland… minus the Disney. We can only wait and see at this point.

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