Yes, Taiwan Not Thailand!

Only 12 Hours from Seattle… Only

The school year is over and we are close to embarking on a crazy adventure. How does one decide to pick up and move half way across the globe? Good question. Take a deep breath and sign on the dotted line.

D & I have always enjoyed traveling. Throughout our travels it has been fun to try to imagine what life would be like if we moved there. Always a fun idea, but very soon to be a reality. I will be teaching at an International School in Taiwan. We have found people hear two different things when you say you are moving to Taiwan, “You’re moving to China!?” or “Thailand, that sounds so great. I have always wanted to go there”. Honestly, the geography teacher in me rolls my eyes and tries not to be too sarcastic when I say, “TAIWAN, the island off the SE coast of China above SE Asia”. One expat website about Taiwan said we would get that a lot, so I guess it is true.

We are official, resident Visa’s processed.

When you decide to become an expat or soon to be expat people come up with all kinds of theories: you want better students, you want a lower cost of living, you are running away from the election drama, etc… It really is not any of these. It just seems like the right time for another adventure. You are only young once. Besides a wise person told me we would regret it if we didn’t take the opportunity.

In many ways that is the essence of this blog; traveling adventures. One of the biggest educations you can give yourself about the world is to travel. Seeing different cultures and country’s teach you more about a place than a textbook ever will. So, we embark on a new adventure that is one among many. We would love to have you all come visit. We will also try to keep you updated on life abroad. I realize that after traveling through SE Asia last summer I went on a very long hiatus of not posting anything. Good intentions, but I didn’t have a good reason as all of you seem so close. I won’t have that luxury, so I aim to make it homework for myself, something I am all to familiar with.


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