Moving Internationally: Day One


The outside of our Apartment Building

We made it to Taiwan! For as crazy as it sounded taking a 2AM flight was kind-of genius. We were so tired from all the running around and last-minute packing of the day that it was easy to fall asleep and when we awoke there was really only time for breakfast and a movie before we arrived. Granted it was 4:30AM when we got to Taiwan, but we are mostly on their time zone (as I write this around 4:30-5AM 😁).


Now that we are in our apartment, all of the stuff we carried into the airport doesn’t seem that bad. I should emphasize that this is the largest place we have ever lived in. So even with three bags each there is nothing in this apartment. Can’t wait for our shipped items to arrive, supposedly next week. I know you all want to see pictures and yes I did take photos of each room, but they are my before photos. Give me a few days to put together the after photos. The couple here previously had bought and sold their kitchen table, so the school is working on getting one for us.

It was weird to get here and realize that this is home. Usually it is a vacation, but here I am in the living room this morning planning what to get to make this place feel more like home. I put up my Grandmother’s painting, which does wonders for how the place feels. Yesterday I unpacked my clothes and D’s suits, made the bed, and rearranged some of the furniture. Still a work in progress. I will post pictures soon I promise.

One amusing part of Taiwan is they really like Costco. Our host parent, Spring, took us yesterday afternoon to Costco. She said she goes once a week and it is very popular. We move all the way across the globe and we find ourselves buying pillows and laundry detergent at Costco, thanks Mom for the Costco membership, it will come in handy!

Two stories with underground parking, but like any other Costco

We also had to take photos for our ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) with an ARC we cannot set up bank accounts, so it sounds like a serious and important task. These are passport photos, but with rules: No earrings, hair tucked behind ears so they are visible, and no smiling). We go down into what could be thought of as a shady basement setup at this photo store and take these photos. Lots of photo rules, but the pictures we had given to us made us laugh, clearly airbrushed and some were asian photo booth style.

ARC Glamor Shots

The other important task was to get sim cards, so we have Taiwanese phone numbers. Daniel and I were amused with the importance or superstition around numbers. I literally picked the first two up off the pile, a nd was overruled with a careful examination of all of the numbers. It might not have been superstition as we ended up with numbers that are identical with the exception of one number.

Phone Number Selection

Today’s tasks are grocery shopping, more ARC paperwork, and hopefully shopping for some housewares. We shall see… the day is still beginning.


  1. Daniel and MacKenzie, welcome to your new home and the Costco adventure along with setting up house. Even one picture makes a huge difference! Glad you’re nearly on Taiwan time! Will be glued to your blog now! Sending our love & glad you’re safe! M & J


  2. Glad you are getting important tasks taken care of so quickly! I know that will be a huge part of fully settling in! Love seeing your posts, makes it feel like you are not so far away! Lets try to skype this weekend! Love ya!


  3. Mack!!!!! I barely survived my first game knowing I won’t see you later in the home stand 😦 Glad to hear things are going well. Look forward to hearing more stories, seeing pictures, and food updates. Take care!


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