Differences: Many Yet to Come…

We have been in Taiwan for almost 3 days now and there is still much to learn. The realization that we are not just on a vacation has not yet set in. Maybe after Monday when I have my first required school meeting.

There are lots of interesting differences to living in Taiwan. I will share with you three that are notable for us these last three days.

This grocery store was giant! Like a grocery superstore but bigger!

One that we discovered yesterday was that, at the grocery store there is a counter in each section with a designated worker to weigh and price your vegetables. In the US, we bring everything to the cash register and it is weighed and priced there, but in Taiwan it all needs to have a price on it when you are ready to check out.

Another we had heard about, but finally this morning we tried it out. The garbage man comes twice a day. Rumor has it they don’t come on weekends, I will know for sure tomorrow. The truck plays a song that sounds like the ice cream man, I am not joking. They play the song and then park and everyone brings out their trash and recyclable (two trucks, one for trash and one for recycling). D scoped it out the night before and this morning we carried out some garbage and recycling. Makes the thought of having a dinner party convenient because you won’t have to worry about waiting all week for trash collection… I will try to post a video of this soon.

Had to use google translate to figure out the brown rice setting!

Finally as we guessed our Mandarin is painfully inadequate although they seem so impressed that I can say thank you. D has been more studious than I have at learning some basics. I need to start dutifully studying, so going to a restaurant or store is not as difficult. We have been spoiled with a host Mom, who helped us navigate the world of ordering a rug for our apartment, dehumidifier, and rice cooker. On our own though, I do not think that these things would be done. Even with all the new purchases, all of the user manuals are in Mandarin, thankfully google translate has helped us figure some of this out.

Still much to learn and many adventures to be had. I will bring my phone the next time we take out the trash🙂!

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