Beating the Jet Lag

Sorry for the short blogging hiatus. Sadly, we had to return to the states to help plan and attend a memorial service. Besides the jet lag, it is pretty impressive that you can hop on a plane and in a few hours… or 14, be home.

Photo Collage I created for the Memorial Service

Spending only a week at home and then getting on a flight back to Taiwan has been exhausting. We lived Monday twice as we arrived back in the US before we left our apartment in Taiwan for the airport. We were probably awake for around 28 hours.

Tuesday, I had a staff meeting to go to and instead of getting stuff organized at school when it was over I came home and slept. I slept for almost 15 hours! Yesterday, after various errands I fell asleep around 6pm and woke up this morning around 3:30AM and have been awake ever since.

There has got to be a trick to beating jet lag, but I have not found it yet. If you have any good tips please share them! We are trying to get ourselves back in the correct time zone since school starts on Monday. I will blog soon about school there will be much to compare.


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