Kenting; Beach Town Taiwan R.O.C.

Take two, I wrote this entire post yesterday and when I attempted to add the video it disappeared 😒!

Last weekend, despite all that we needed to catch up on we went on a mini-vacation to Kenting. It is on the Southern tip of the island, about the same distance of Seattle to Spokane. We arrived Friday evening and after checking in to this adorable cabin (that I did not strangely take any pictures of) we went to our first Taiwanese night market.

IMG_20160826_193005Think UW street fair, but on steroids! There were so many lights it was practically daylight outside. I wanted to get stinky tofu since that is supposedly the dish of Taiwanese night markets. I was quickly distracted by the roasted corn. There were so many seasoning options, but I selected curry. So good. IMG_20160827_182153There is a lot to see at the night market some knick knacks but mostly food! Lots of grilled items to taste. We got little sweet potato balls, which were so good. D also got a green onion pancake stuffed with grilled vegetables! Everything was packaged in portable to-go containers. What we did not eat while we were walking around we took to a nearby bar and finished with a beverage.

IMG_20160826_210740That is not to say we could not have ordered a drink walking down the street, but the pub was an air-conditioned place to sit and eat all of the good finds we discovered while walking through the night market. After tasting lots of good food and having a beverage, the nagging jet lag set in and we went to sleep!

The next morning, I woke up early and thought I heard the sprinklers. When I went outside to skype with the family I realized that is was the cicadas! The scenery was beautiful outside where we were staying. I attached a video (what crashed my original post) don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. We were a short walk to the night market and a 5-10 minute drive to the beach. After everyone was awake we were beach bound.

D & Our Beach Cabana

For less than $10 we could reserve an umbrella and chairs all day. The water was so warm! I guess anything is warm compared to the icy waters I’m used to in the PNW. I honestly think my version of paradise has to include a beach. The warmth and waves not to mention a beverage makes for a wonderful & relaxing day. After swimming and sun bathing most of the day… or sun burning we left to eat a late lunch and gear up for another night at the night market.

Three flavors of stinky tofu: Original, Charcoal, & Spicy

Back at the night market the first order of business was stinky tofu! I’ve been told it tastes like, “old mountain goat“. I was ready to try it, even ordered it in three flavors. To be honest, it was not that bad. You can definitely call it smelly, but with the pickled cabbage it is not so bad. Spicy was my favorite flavor. Then, time for street stall mojitos. More green onion pancake, street musicians, touristy items like postcards, and $3.00 flip flops.

Blueberry mojitos!

Our trip to Kenting was too short, but with a couple of years in Taiwan I am already planning to return! I will blog next about school since I am one week into my first Taiwanese school year. I won’t wait so long next time!

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  1. Hi Daniel and Kenzie!
    What a great post! How did I know you’d prefer the spicy stinky tofu the best. What a beautiful trip! And great blog. I just need to catch up. Please accept our sincerest apologies for having to leave Avon’s memorial early. I wasn’t doing too well so we sadly had to go without hugs and goodbyes. Love and miss you guys!


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